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Things to Do in and Around Newark, Ohio

The area surrounding Cherry Valley Lodge is rich with unforgettable experiences and things to do, from discovering antique treasures in old downtown Granville to hiking among the spectacular geological formations of Black Hand Gorge or touring the incredible Longaberger Homestead.

Whether you want to check out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland or ride the Riverboats in Cincinnati, it’s only a few hours from Cherry Valley Lodge to some of the most popular attractions in Ohio. From fine dining to beautiful country surroundings, see what’s happening in Newark, Ohio and Licking County as well as upcoming happenings in the Greater Columbus Area.

Popular nearby attractions include:

Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad

Originally built in 1871, the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad has a long and intriguing history. The line’s use came to an end a hundred years after its construction, but it’s been preserved and is now a fun way to see Ohio’s beautiful scenery. Take a train ride on one of the last remaining rail lines in the nation that’s used for viewing the countryside.

Columbus Polo Club

If you’ve never played polo before, this could be your chance to experience the sport. The Columbus Polo Club warmly invites you try the game, even if you’ve never ridden a horse before. The club offers weekly practices and matches for beginners through advanced players. So take a fun ride and learn a new game in the process!

Granville Historical Museum

On March 9, 1885, three residents of Granville realized that early memories of the town were disappearing. So after the town’s 75th anniversary, the Granville Historical Museum became a new fixture. Since the museum’s founding, important documents have been created and preserved. You can witness the care that has been put into upholding the town’s history for more than 100 years. With the museum’s detailed archives and mobile exhibits, the town’s history continues to live on for generations to come.

Granville Lifestyle Museum

Built in 1870 and 1871, the Granville Lifestyle Museum was the home of H.D. Robinson. Now this house showcases period clothing and furniture to display what life was really like in the 1800s. You can enjoy tours and lectures at this museum from April to October, but only on Sunday afternoons.

Granville Village

Granville Village was born in 1797 and created by New Englanders, who arrived from Granville, Massachusetts. For this reason, Granville Village has always maintained a New England feel. Today, you can enjoy a variety of wonderful, locally-owned shops, historic homes and scenic boulevards. There are also a number of different museums, parks and events to explore while you’re in the area.

The Licking County Art Gallery

Since 1960, the Licking County Arts (formerly known as the Licking County Arts Association) has been promoting original artwork done by artists in Licking County, Ohio. You can see the wide range of artistic expression at the organization’s own art gallery. It only displays and sells the work of member artists from the Licking County area. And there’s a wide variety of art to appreciate. Take home a beautiful memento from your trip to Licking County!

Licking County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Water parks, bike trails, award-winning golf courses and lovely dining experiences are just a few of the things you can explore when you visit Licking County. Get all of the information you need for an unforgettable time by checking out the Licking County Convention & Visitors Bureau today!

Longaberger Homestead

From shopping and dining to weaving your very own Longaberger basket, you’ll always find fun things to do at Longaberger Homestead. Plus, there are lots of events to enjoy during your visit. From food fests to heritage days, you’re sure to have a memorable time whenever you stop by.

Midland Theatre

Ever since its doors opened in 1928, the Midland Theatre has had a lively history in Newark, Ohio. Showcasing stage and screen productions over the years, this theatre has offered a large variety of entertainment to enthusiastic audiences. Although the theatre closed in 1978 due to financial troubles, it was bought and reopened in 1992, where the landmark got a new lease on life with a dazzling look. Now the Midland Theatre is the place to go for live shows and film presentations.

Great Circle Earthworks & Ohio Indian Art Museum

Approximately 2000 years ago, the Great Circle Earthworks was constructed by the Hopewell culture. Its many builders frequently used this area as a massive ceremonial center. You can now visit the Great Circle Earthworks and see this amazing piece of prehistoric Ohio. Numerous events take place on this site throughout the year to celebrate one of the largest systems of connected, geometric earthworks in the world.

The National Heisey Glass Museum

In the early 1970s, the National Heisey Glass Museum opened its doors. Its mission has always been to display and examine the gorgeous glassware made by A. H. Heisey & Company between 1896 and 1957. Today, the museum continues to maintain this tradition by preserving and collecting Heisey glass. It’s a place that always welcomes visitors interested in viewing fine glassware and learning more about A.H. Heisey & Company’s beautiful pieces.

National Trail Raceway

Drag racing has never been more exciting than at the National Trail Raceway. Over the years, the best racers from the Midwest and from around the world have come to this famous track. Since 1964, the National Trail Raceway has been a popular destination in Central Ohio. For a very reasonable price, you can watch some of the best names in racing as they compete on this beloved, ¼ mile of great excitement!

Robbins-Hunter Museum

Open every Wednesday through Saturday, you can take a historical tour of the Avery-Downer house and appreciate architecture from the 19th century. Rare collections and entertaining stories of life in this time period are also available for you to experience.

The Sherwood Davison House

In 1947, this house was scheduled to be destroyed. But the Licking County Historical Society quickly stepped in and saved this precious piece of history. Today, you can walk through this restored home that includes intricate, architectural features.

The Webb House Museum

Displaying a family collection of beautiful antiques and artwork, the Webb House Museum is a slice of Newark, Ohio history. Check out the unique, paneled walls in this historic home. And don’t forget to walk out to the cottage gardens to see the lovely, heirloom flowers.

The Winery at Otter Creek

Relax and enjoy a glass of delicious wine while also appreciating the work involved in creating this delectable treat. The Winery at Otter Creek offers a comfortable environment, a fine selection and a wide variety of events designed to celebrate everything there is to know about wine.

Ye Olde Mill Ice Cream Parlour & Museum

Four generations of the Dager family have made Velvet Ice Cream a very successful, Ohio business. Thousands of people enter this ice cream wonderland each year, making it a hugely popular destination. You can enjoy this refreshing dessert surrounded by nature at your leisure. There’s even a museum that details how milling works. So experience tasty ice cream cones, shakes or sundaes while learning some fascinating, turn-of-the-century history between licks!

The Works

From engaging activities to amazing exhibits, you’re bound to have an active day when you visit The Works. School trips and adult group tours are always taking place here because there’s so much to do! History, art, science and technology are just a few of the fields you can learn more about in this educational community. See how much fun learning can be when you come to The Works!

Bloomberg Eye Center

Your vision can be crystal clear when you come to Bloomberg Eye Center. This full-service, physician owned facility has the latest technology to ensure your eyesight is at its best. From vision correction to Lasik surgery, you’ll get the expertise necessary to benefit the health of your eyes.

Roscoe Village

Go back in time and experience life in 19th century Ohio when you visit historic Roscoe Village. This restored, 1830s canal town is filled with authentic details to show you how people lived in this period. You can also view colorful gardens, enjoy unique shopping and fun dining when you stop by. Plus, many special events and activities are planned during the year to provide the genuine flavor of the early 1800s.

The Wilds

Located on nearly 10,000 acres of mine land in southeastern Ohio, the Wilds is a conservation center dedicated to environmental concerns. Using a combination of conservation science and educational programs, this center is a great place to learn while enjoying fun activities surrounded by nature. You may even encounter a few animals along the way!

Zanesville Museum of Art

From exhibits of the greatest artists of all time to art classes for adults and children, the Zanesville Museum of Art offers the opportunity to appreciate artistic expression in many forms. You can view paintings, pottery, glasswork, decorative arts and so much more! Plus, you don’t want to forget a visit to our gift shop so that you can always remember your visit to our museum.

Hocking Hills State Park

Whether you like to hike, explore caves on guided tours or photograph wildlife, there’s definitely fun in store at Hocking Hills State Park. The six, main park areas have distinctive features to offer. And many special events make learning about nature a fun experience. Get in on the adventure at Hocking Hills State Park today!